Hi, readers: We'll start with apologies for not releasing a July issue, though we suspect lots of you can probably relate to getting swamped by the kind of sudden and crushing fatigue that simultaneously comes out of nowhere and has been steadily building in the under-pressure-teakettle of your brain for the past year+. We're happy to be back with you.

Before getting on with it—before introducing you to the three people we're so proud to feature this issue—a quick mention of two groups doing critical work right now: Rainbow Railroad, which is working to directly assist LGBTQI+ people in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and Women for Afghan Women, whose advocacy and messaging frequently calls out LGBTQ+ people as a critically at-risk group (find their regularly updated "Resources to Help" doc here). If you know of others, please email info@500queerscientists.com and we'll share them out on Twitter.

In Orgs to Know, we hear from the Bio-Diverse Project's Tanith Hackney on the beauty of collective experience, increasing representation within biology and conservation, and changing the culture of science and academia. “We see you first and foremost as the incredible scientists and conservationists that you are.”

In Content Makers, meet the V.E. Schwab-reading, Olympic-lift-lifting, YouTube video-making PhD candidate at the intersection of AI and the queer community: It's Jordan Harrod. “There hasn’t been a ton of discussion on algorithmic fairness as it relates to the LGBTQ+ community, despite the fact that algorithms have the potential to have profound positive and negative impacts on us.”

And in this issue's Contributor Highlight, Dr. Arti Agrawal demonstrates the marvel of a life driven by a mix of science and social justice, while casually saying mercilessly impressive things like "surface plasmons in graphene and surface phonon polaritons in silicon carbide nanowires."

Thanks for reading, we love you very much. LCA