Happy Pride, readers! How we're celebrating as an org this year: By not saying yes to every single media-request that comes in (99% of which are from outlets we haven't heard from since last June). By not being a content-generating machine for writers and publications looking for fast, easy ways to cross Pride off their lists. By not being grateful just to be offered space.

Instead, we're prioritizing relationships that last beyond June, stories that center a wide range of voices, and opportunities to refer journalists to our searchable database of 1,490 incredible contributors. And to all of you contributors: Thank you for letting us hold your stories. Their value is constant, not cyclical. They fuel community, not web traffic. Collectively they have the power to shift public perspectives and practices, sure, but we tell them for each other, our youth, ourselves—and in doing so, we set our own schedules for change.

Okay! Issue 7:

In Content Makers: Fold a piece of paper in half 42 times to get the distance between Earth and the moon, or the staggering perfection of math, facts, and paradoxes as seen “from a drag queen’s lens.” From ancient Egyptian puzzles to why Pi is delicious, just let Kyne explain.

In Orgs to Know: When a group of artificial intelligence/machine learning researchers get angry—at a lack of community, representation, inclusion, & more—they make something deeply human. We talk to Arjun Subramonian of Queer in AI.

In Contributor Highlight: Thin films, infinite strength. "Sometimes they come to see an Oxford scientist, and are faced with a trans-woman covered in tattoos. That's great—let's break down those barriers." Meet Oxford University's Dr. Clara Barker, material scientist at the Centre for Applied Superconductivity and Dean of Equality and Diversity.

Thanks for reading, and a reminder that anyone who's LGBTQAI+ and works in STEM, STEM advocacy, STEM education, or any other supporting field can be a 500QS contributor (and we'd love to have you). Add your story right here. LCA