In this issue, someone says "string theory" and we don't run away; a historical and social volcanologist takes the mic; and we sincerely apologize to all of our UK interviewees for replacing your Ss with Zs. More specifically:

In Content Makers, it's Dr. Jazmin Scarlett, co-host (alongside Dr. Nuzhat Tabassum) of the What on Earth?! podcast, which plumbs the true richness of earth science—aka "the least diverse of the STEM disciplines"—by centering justice, equality, diversity, inclusion, and mind-blowing research.

In Orgs to Know, meet Queer in Neuro founder Daniel Virga, who's working to fire synapses across the networking neurons of queer neuroscientists everywhere. What started as a search for personal inspiration and mentorship is now "an organization for the community, by the community."

And for this issue's Contributor Highlight, we're welcoming Dr. Tyler Kelly—LGBTQ STEMinar organizer, Assistant Professor at the University of Birmingham, researcher of higher-dimensional geometry, and walking proof of the staggering potential of every disgruntled 15-year-old.

Thanks for reading, and if there's a 500QS contributor you're awed by (hard to choose, we know), please send Highlight nominations for future issues to LCA