Hello readers, it's April! And if you feel a little weird about it, don't worry—it's just because your cozy winter levels of melatonin are falling prey to increasingly merciless daylight, while your serotonin levels are ramping up because they enjoy making adults get silly. (Unless you're feeling all that in the 18th century, that is, in which case you don't have Spring Fever—you have scurvy.) Gracing the pixels this issue:

In Content Makers, meet Tessa Fisher and Charles Wallace of the Assigned Scientist at Bachelor's (ASAB) podcast, a show dedicated to interviewing and highlighting trans and non-binary scientists and researchers ... and also secretly a podcast about Star Trek. (Slightly less secret after this interview.)

In Orgs to Know, a powerfully accelerated welcome to BlackInPhysics co-founder (and Fermilab Muon g-2 postdoctoral researcher) Dr. Jessica Esquivel. "My dream would be that Black students after me can just be enamored by the weirdness that is physics—that they can spend all the time they desire answering the next existential questions of the universe without having to worry about their survival."

And for this issue's Contributor Highlight, we're honored to introduce Dr. Kenro Kusumi, Director of the School of Life Sciences (and more) at The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University. "There has been tremendous progress in the four decades since I started training as a scientist—but there is still so much more that needs to be done."

Thanks so much for reading, no kidding. As always, feedback and suggestions (including people you'd like to see featured) are very welcome; please send them to 500queerscientists@gmail.com, subject line "The Reader." LCA