Hello, March! It's the month when animals begin to wake from hibernation, houseplant-nerds return to (overly) aggressive fertilizing, a segment of the population pretends to know what "Ides" means, and we welcome the first equinox of 2021. And just look at the trio of suns floating directly over our celestial equator in this issue:

In "Content Makers," meet Dr. André Isaacs, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the College of the Holy Cross aaannnd the "Chemist, King, and Skinny Legend" of TikTok, drdre4000! His always-fierce, often hilarious videos do much more than entertain: "I want to be the spark that ignites the next generation of confident, queer scientists."

In "Orgs to Know," we're joined by Trans in STEM co-founders Veronica Nickerson and Seb Groh, "basically two people with a laptop" who've reached thousands with their effort to create not just a safe space for trans people in STEM, but a thriving network through which work is promoted, mentorships are formed, and differences get celebrated. "Trans people are not a monolith."

And for this month's Contributor Highlight, Dr. Jessica Ware takes the stage—and it promptly collapses under the weight of her many accolades. A curator at the American Museum of Natural History, she's also co-founder of Entomologists of Color, Vice President (and President-Elect) of The Entomological Society of America, and a seemingly tireless champion for a world in which science sees—and welcomes—all people. (PS: 500QS Contributor #1 right here—like, literally.)

Thanks for reading, and if you're a sleepy bear or a ground squirrel at the University of Alaska, good luck with that accelerated rewarming. As always, feedback and suggestions are extremely welcome—please send to 500queerscientists@gmail.com, subject line "The Reader." LCA


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