It's February, so please consider this entire email a digital bowl of Sweethearts from us to you (left on your desk when you weren't looking). Where their recipe calls for corn syrup, dextrose, glycerine, gelatin, vegetable gums, and red 40, however, ours calls for curiosity, nerd-joy, love, power, solidarity, intersectionality, and grace. We know what we'd rather eat. (Metaphorically at least.)

In "Content Makers," meet Maddie Sofia, host of the podcast that asks the question “What’s more fun than having a queer scientist explain the physics behind rainbows to a queer producer and host?” (Definitive answer: nothing.) You guessed it—we're talking about NPR’s Short Wave, where "science is a human endeavor shaped by human biases, which means we're here to challenge science as much as we celebrate it."

In "Orgs to Know," Christine Wilkinson and Kendall Calhoun rep Black Mammalogists Week, which first stormed digital platforms in September 2020 and showed the world (yet again) that where it thought there was one, there are in fact legions. "Including intersectionality, and working toward solidarity by supporting other marginalized groups, is the best way we can work toward our collective goals to diversify STEM."

And in this month's "Contributor Highlight," we're honored to introduce you to Micah Savin (Lakota), a ballerina turned neuroscientist who's navigated all manner of stages and spaces while on a journey to change the healthcare infrastructure from within. "Even though we all have different trajectories in life, we jointly carry the burden and gifts of innovating our field."

❤️  Thanks for reading, valentine! (Genuinely.) As always, we crush hard on feedback, suggestions, collaborations, and offers of help, and if there's someone you think we should know about for future issues, we definitely want to hear it:, subject line "The Reader." LCA


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