Happy 2021, 500QSers! In recognizing the sorrows, losses, rages, and betrayals of the last year—as well as its surprising joys, connections, solidarity, and strange moments of beauty—we hereby encourage 2020 not to let the door hit it on the way out. To celebrate its departure, a new set of interviews with three genuinely incredible humans:

In our "Orgs to Know" category, the eminently quotable Huw Griffiths. Among other gems: "If we can show that polar research isn't just white men with beards who go and die in the snow somewhere, then mission accomplished."

For this month's "Content Maker" profile, meet astrophysicist Moiya McTier of the Exolore podcast, who teaches people not just how to build their own worlds, but how the skill of facts-based worldbuilding can make reality more like the worlds we imagine. (Yes, there's a queer-world episode in the works.)

And for our first Contributor Highlight of 2021, we're honored to feature "chess player, gadgeteer, and interspecies diplomat" Gabi Fleury, a conservation biologist recently named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list who smashes scientist stereotypes while doing their best to get into "good trouble."

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