Welcome to the first-ever 500QS newsletter! Thanks for either actively subscribing, or just for being curious enough to click the first email we've ever inflicted on you. We're still missing a decent name for this project, but we're already packed with interviews and info centering people, organizations, resources, and more that make the queer STEM community great—with more on the way every month. Thanks in very large part to new 500QS team-member Simon Morrow*, Issue 1 delivers:

Contributor Highlight: Jon Freeman, an Associate Professor of Psychology & Neural Science at NYU (and director of the Social Cognitive and Neural Sciences Lab) whose recent "Measuring and resolving LGBTQ disparities in STEM" publication sounds the alarm about a critical lack of data.

Content-Maker: My Fave Queer Chemist's Bec Roldan, who—along with co-creator and host Geraldo Duran-Camacho—uncovers the stories, experiences, similarities, differences, and wonders of queer chemists everywhere via a podcast at home in/born from the "trials and tribulations of grad school."

Orgs to Know: WoCinSTEM's Isabel J. Rodriguez, a physics graduate student who—grappling with the isolation of programs dominated by white men, plus a heavy dash of pandemic—decided something had to give. The result: WoCinSTEM, a virtual co-working group Rodriguez founded and hosts that's grounded in a community > productivity ethos.

The 500QS Job Board: Help it grow by submitting positions for labs, companies, institutions, organizations, etc. that are actively recruiting and/or welcoming to LGBTQ+ candidates! Anyone can submit, but a quick note here that internships must state whether paid or unpaid.

The 500QS Events Calendar: Another baby-resource that's open to all, you can view and submit at the same link. We'll see how robust this gets, but we're hoping it'll prove useful and we promise to make it more beautiful asap.

So hope you enjoy! If you have feedback, suggestions, or want to contribute to future issues, we'd love to hear from you at 500queerscientists@gmail.com.

*Simon Morrow is a queer science communicator & physics PhD who reached out to 500QS with an offer to help and is presumably now horrified at how quickly we took them up on it. Ideas for future interview-candidates? Send them an email at drsimonmorrow@gmail.com.