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Issue 3: Unbridled Nerd-Joy

Hey valentines! Issue 3 is packed with the nerd-joy of NPR Short Wave's Maddie Sofia, the roar of Black Mammalogists Week (via Christine Wilkinson & Kendall Calhoun), & ballerina-turned-neuroscientist Micah Savin. Click into this post to get introduced.

Short Wave with Maddie Sofia

Meet the podcast that poses the question, “What’s more fun than having a queer scientist explain the physics behind rainbows to a queer producer and host?” (Definitive answer: nothing.) It’s 5Qs with Maddie Sofia, host of NPR’s "Short Wave."

Black Mammologists Week with Christine Wilkinson and Kendall Calhoun

In Orgs to Know, Christine Wilkinson and Kendall Calhoun rep Black Mammalogists Week, which first stormed digital platforms in September and showed the world (yet again) that where it thought there was one, there are legions.

Contributor Highlight: Micah Savin

In this month's Contributor Highlight, meet Micah Savin, a ballerina turned neuroscientist who's working to change the healthcare infrastructure from within.

Issue 2: Good Trouble

In this issue: Huw Griffiths on coming in from the cold, Moiya McTier on the wonder of worldbuilding, and Gabi Fleury on very good trouble.

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