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Issue 9: The Beauty of Collective

Tanith Hackney on the Bio-Diverse Project, Jordan Harrod on AI and the queer community, and Dr. Arti Agrawal serves a powerful mix of science and social justice.

The Bio-Diverse Project with Tanith Hackney

The Bio-Diverse Project's Tanith Hackney on the beauty of collective experience, increasing representation within biology and conservation, and changing the culture of science and academia. "We see you first and foremost as the incredible scientists and conservationists you are."

Contributor Highlight: Jordan Harrod

In Content Makers, meet the V.E. Schwab-reading, Olympic-lift-lifting, YouTube video-making PhD candidate the intersection of AI and the queer community: It's Jordan Harrod.

Contributor Highlight: Arti Agrawal

In this issue's Contributor Highlight, Dr. Arti Agrawal demonstrates the marvel of a life driven by a mix of science and social justice, while casually saying mercilessly impressive things like "surface plasmons in graphene and surface phonon polaritons in silicon carbide nanowires."

Issue 8: Nature is Very Queer

Connel Bradwell on gay bats (hooray!), Stephanie Meredith on queering biological anthro, and Dr. Ron Hunter on protecting public health.

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